Wenger promises to address Welbeck’s dive

Danny Welbeck’s dive which awarded arsenal a penalty kick at the ‘Europa League’ last night caused lots of protestation from AC Milan fans and players. However, Arsene Wenger has refused to criticise Welbeck or the referee for the controversial penalty.

In the match between Arsenal and AC Milan, Arsenal took the lead over two legs.

Leading 2-0 from last week’s first leg in Italy, the Gunners were shaken by Hakan Calhanoglu’s long-range goal in the 35th minute but hit back to win 3-1 on the night and assure themselves of a spot in the quarter-finals with a comfortable 5-1 aggregate success.

Welbeck levelled by winning and converting a dubious penalty after going down under minimal contact from Ricardo Rodriguez, infuriating Milan’s players.

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger claimed: “I haven’t seen it again and I don’t want to accuse Welbeck of diving before I’ve had another look.

“He looked genuine that it was a penalty but the Italian players were not happy with it and I can understand that.

“I will watch it again and give him my honest feeling about it, don’t worry.”

Meanwhile AC Milan’s boss, Gattuso refused to blame Welbeck’s dramatics for his team’s 5-1 aggregate defeat and said: “Referees can make a mistake and I don’t want to use the penalty as an alibi.

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