See what Teddy A and Bambam had to say about their toilet action

Evicted Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates, Teddy A and Bambam who are currently in the country and are already having their media tour, have reacted to their toilet romance that went viral across the country.

The duo while on air with Yaw of Wazobia fm, were asked about how they felt having sex in the toilet, but instead of giving a direct answer, they decided to beat around the bush.

Teddy A, in his reaction,exclaimed, ”Hey”, then looked at Bambam who now said ”What is toilet issues, I wonder, I don’t know.”
Teddy A added, ”I don’t speak English, I speak Swahili.”

Recall that both housemates were caught having sex in the toilet not knowing there were cameras there.

This got viewers lashing at Teddy A for show of disrespect and Bambam for pretending to be a church girl.

See some reactions in respect to their toilet action:

@laki “And I woke up to this TeddyBam knacking things and I wonder how will grown up fellas choose to knack in a PUBLIC TOILET.. Because as far as am concern, that toilet for 20 niggas issa public one..

@mercy “self controlled man teddyA and pastor’s daughter bambam having sex in the toilet, #bbnajia toilet show of shame. I just hate dem

@berbieklaus Team Teddy A respects BamBam he won’t have sex with her on live TV, Y’all forget it’s a game #BBNajia

@tyheek “Your alpha male was caught in d toilet knacking Holy mother Bambam dis morning #BBNaija

@augustlaw “So some Bamteddys fan are now saying “atleast their sex game is strong”
HYPOCRITES ,To think the Alpha male is lying in the house about respecting her brand..
Alpha male hiding inside toilet to straff, tueehh.

@Deeoffishal “Teddy A: “I respect Bambam…I respect her brand..Oga we see how much you respect her. Knacking her in d toilet anyhow

@tweetoracle “When Miracle & Nina made love, the Internet BROKE and they were called all sorts of irresponsible names.

“Teddy A knacks BamBam in the toilet of all places and his fans be like, at least he aint a 1 min man

@hopematthew “this bambam girl is so shameless

@mercy_nwa “self controlled man teddyA and pastor’s daughter bambam having sex in the toilet, #bbnajia toilet show of shame. I just hate dem

@elenwo “I see people criticizing BamTeddy for having sex in the toilet.. I want to know and understand where it is written that sex in the toilet is bad, it is worse of you to judge when probably you do same .. I mean .#BBNajia


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  • Eng Sam
    April 4, 2018

    I don’t care if they had sex on the fence, they are grown up & very mattered youth, we all have sex in the toilet including kitchen in my youth days, no apology for anybody on that, these guys are great & unique, I Love them for being Real & Matured not like others who are just too childish for my liken.

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