Cardi B performs on stage with huge baby bump, confirms pregnancy rumour

It was first a rumour, but hey, Cardi B is heavily pregnant and she has confirmed with her fiancé, Offset.

After months of speculation, the bump the whole world has been straining to see is now finally fully and completely visible. Cardi B finally revealed her pregnancy while performing her new single “Be Careful” on Saturday Night Live.

This will be her first child with her fiancé Offset, who tweeted a message to the rapper shortly after she finished her performance/bump debut, writing, “Cardi and I look forward to our next chapter together.”

Offset already has three children, two two-year-olds and and an eight-year-old.

The couple are engaged but are in no rush to get married, perhaps to focus on being parents first.

Before confirming her pregnancy, Cardi B revealed their plans to delay their wedding.

She said: ‘We are really workaholics. It’s crazy. It’s not only about the wedding date. It’s not just one day. It’s gotta be a whole almost two weeks type of thing. We want a honeymoon. Do we even have time for that?’

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