Celebrity Of The Week: Meet the calm but outspoken, Ireti Doyle

Iretiola Doyle,50 a calm but outspoken lady, is a Nigerian actress from Ondo State. Her attribute for being successful can be traced to her mother who played a pivotal role in her growing up.


In a recent interview with the ladies of Your View, Ireti trashed some issues surrounding women, talked about her career and more. she revealed that she grew up knowing that she had to be diligent as her mom was.

“My mom was very pivotal in all of these, she pursued her dream relentlessly. So I grew up knowing that you pursue your dreams diligently and not taking short cuts.”

Iretiola was born on the 3rd of May 1967 in Ondo State but spent her early years with her family in Boston, United States. After returning to Nigeria.

She is a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry, her credits cut across stage, television, film and prints. She is an accomplished writer, actor, producer and presenter.

She is known for her eloquence, calm but outspoken nature.

In an interview on TVC flagship program, Ireti Doyle touched on the HOT Topic discussion: The New Trend Of Rape in Musical Concerts, Ireti stated vividly “Ladies, it’s your fundamental human right to wear whatever you want to wear.”

“I don’t think the rape trend is a new trend. I just think information is more available. However, the reason why rapist get away with it, is because they are banking on your silence and that’s why they continue to get away with it. Until we continue to come forward to say ‘I was raped’ and then people are punished for the crime, it wouldn’t stop.”

According to her, in Nigeria, the safety of people are not put into consideration first. She however buttressed that the way a lady is dressed shouldn’t be a reason for rape.

“Now as to clothing, ladies, it’s your fundamental human right to wear whatever you want to wear, to wherever you want to go. However as a human being if you’re going into an hazzaradous zone, what do you do, you wear a protective gear, unless you have an escort, unless there is safety in numbers (moving in groups).”

She further insisted that girls have backup plan, like thinking before making a move or having a self defense plan.

Ireti Doyle and Early Pregnancy

Ireti Doyle who got pregnant at age 17, talked about how she coped with having a child at a tender age.

According to her, It wasn’t easy, but she didn’t lose focus and there was no stopping for her. She added that she never lost sight of her dreams, visions and also parenting helped.

Ireti Doyle and Rumours of Marriage Split from Her Husband

In june 2017, rumours had it that the Nollywood couple, Patrick and Ireti Doyle, may have called it quits with their marriage of 20 years. It was reported that Ireti moved away from the house she shared with her husband and kids, and was said to be living alone in the Anthony Village area of Lagos.

However, while speaking on Your View, Ireti said;

“There are other people involved in this. I have comported my life over the last 20 years and what is food for the public, is my work life. I’m not going into the details of my relationship with my husband.”

Ireti and Patrick Doyle got married shortly after Patrick’s first wife passed on and have been together for over two decades.They share six children but lost one to sickle cell in 1999.

Ireti Doyle and Her Career

Ireti who attended Christ’s School Ado Ekiti and graduated from the University of Jos with a degree in Theatre Arts, revealed that it was not her initial plan to study Theatre art but got admission from Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to study the course.

According to her she was working and schooling at the same time but had a breakthrough in acting after she had participated in an audition in school. She also added that acting was something she knew she could do.

Ireti who also does film production, has said she has no interest in direction.

Ireti and Being Successful

Speaking on how she has been able to combine her career, children and being married, Ireti expressed;

“I have compromised several times along the way. The truth is, you can’t be in two places at the same time. So have I missed a school event or two? Yes I have. Have I missed family events at times? Yes I have. There are probably some people who are offended with me because I couldn’t be there during special moments. You are only as strong and as great as the quality of your relationship. The people who will love and understand you, will be there for you.”

Advice to Women

“As women we are not true to ourselves from a very young age. When you are young free and single, start thinking about what you want from life and begin to pursue those things you want from life. If you are married and you have your personal dreams & desire pursue them. We should admit that we can’t do it all alone, so what do you do? Have a great support system, friends who can be there when you are not there so you can pursue your dream.

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