Woman catches husband having sex with his 16-year-old niece

A Zimbabwean man has been caught by his wife having sex with his 16-year-old niece-cum-girlfriend.

The 45 year old man and 16-year- were caught red-handed in the act but out of panic, the niece claimed to have been raped.

The 45 year old pleaded for mercy and was given a second chance to change hiw ways but a few days later was caught again in the same bedroom with the same neice.

Was this a second rape? Hell no. The wife had to report to the police for investigation.

A source close to the matter, alleged that the two were lovers.

“Upon investigations it was discovered that the pair were in love and the niece admitted to the investigators that they were in love,” said the source.

The only criminal charge that could stick was incest and the two have since appeared before Kezi magistrate Arafat Kozanayi.

In court the teenager told the magistrate that she initially screamed rape because had the affair been exposed it would have tarnished her image within the community as she was scared her friends will make her a laughing stock and also she also feared that her aunt will at the same time send her packing from her home.

“I felt the incident was going to tarnish my reputation in the community and my peers were going to poke fun at me. And also I feared my aunt would chuck me out of her homestead,”she said.

The uncle apologised for his abominable act.

The pair will be sentenced on 24 April.

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