Video: Apostle Suleman reveals who should be the next president of Nigeria

The president of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman has declared that an Igbo president might just be the solution to Nigeria’s problem. 

Apostle Suleman said this while preaching in his church yesterday April 22nd. He however stated that Igbos will be the ones to remove any Igbo president because they are always fighting themselves.

”What we need in Nigeria now is an Igbo president. You want to create jobs for youths, get an igbo president. The Igbo man by nature knows how to do business. So if he adds academics to it, he will know how to create jobs. But the problem is when an Igbo man becomes president, theperson that will remove him is an igbo man. In four years we had five senate presidents. From Enwerem to Okadigbo to Nnamani to Anytim. Igbo brothers kept removing themselves. The problem with the Igbos is that they fight themselves” he said


Watch video below:

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