Daddy Freeze displeased with Chimamanda Adichie feminist view about Hillary Clinton

Leader of the ‘Free the Sheeple’ movement, Daddy Freeze has come for popular writer Chimamanda Adichie after viral report of her being upset about former presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton including the title, ‘wife’ in her bio before listing her achievements.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) had reported that Adichie stirred controversy when she said that Hillary Clinton seemed to describe herself as a function of her husband, Bill Clinton.

Adichie to Hillary; “In your Twitter account, the first word that describes you is ‘Wife.’ And then I think its ‘Mom,’ and then it’s ‘Grandmother.”

“And when I saw that, I have to confess that I felt just a little bit upset.

And then I went and I looked at your husband’s Twitter account, and the first word was not ‘husband,” Adichie said.

She was curious as to why with all of Clinton’s career accomplishments; did her Twitter bio primarily identify her as a “Wife”.

Bill Clinton’s Twitter bio leads with, ‘Founder, Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States’.

Daddy Freeze who is quite displeased with the writer, shared a screenshot of Barack Obama’s bio on Twitter, which had dad, husband boldly written before his achievements, wrote;

Dear Chimamanda, I used to be a huge fan until I read your interview with Hillary Clinton.

Now I’m somewhere in the vesica pisces, torn between the enormous respect I had for the quality of your work and anger for what you are beginning to brandish.

Let me set the record straight, I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, so I’m not jumping in as her guardian angel. As a matter of fact, I completely disagree with most of the decisions she took while in office.

Besides this however, woman to woman, what Hillary has achieved, in my opinion, you NEVER CAN, ‘no be beans’, so you suggesting how she should be addressed is what we Yorubas call ‘Iwosi’.

Even Obama refers to himself as a dad first, husband second, so what’s your point exactly? Why can’t Hillary be addressed as wife first, if she so chooses?

Could your utterances be stemming from inadequacies you need to attend to? You might consider investigating this.

Now, let me warn you, there are no dividing forces greater than color, race, gender and tribe. These factors continue to ensure humanity remains segregated. This table you are shaking has vast consequences even you didn’t bargain for.

People have been over the last two years, urging me to preach about Jesus being black and I never have, do you know why? Because I DONT CARE ABOUT HIS COLOR, it’s irrelevant, I care about HIS MESSAGE!

In the same vein, I follow you simple because of your message, NOT BECAUSE OF YOUR GENDER OR COLOR OR TRIBE. So kindly keep the focus on the message, which in my opinion is excellent.

Don’t mar it by demarcating yourself into a ‘gender’, unless of course you are employing this as a marketing tool, which, please be warned, has its own repercussions! ~FRZ

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