Bill Cosby will face up to 30 years in prison for sexual assault

80 year old television star and comedian, Bill Cosby was convicted on Thursday of sexual assault by US jury. Cosby was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting Temple University employee at the time, Andrea Constand at his home in Philadelphia in January 2004 when she visited him.

According to her, she went to seek career advice from Cosby who is a trustee of the University where she works.
The jury had deliberated from Wednesday and went on for two days to reach a verdict.

On the second day of its deliberations at the Montgomery County Courthouse,the jury came to a conclusion and convicted Cosby of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Constand. He is to face up to 10 years in prison on each count.

The National Organization for Women called the verdict a “notice to sexual predators everywhere.” Rose McGowan, one of the women who has accused Harvey Weinstein of assault, tweeted a thank you to the judge and jury and to “society for waking up.” Gloria Allred, the lawyer who represented many of Mr. Cosby’s accusers, hailed the decision as an important breakthrough.

Cosby has been accused by several women of sexual assault however, Constands acusations is the one to bring him down resulting in a conviction after all they years. Constand testified, taking a stand to protect other women who had aslo been assaulted.

In his defense, counsel to Bill Cosby accused Constand of wanting a share of his wealth. His lawyers have insisted that his encounter with Ms constand was not an assault but a consensual affair.

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