I did not snatch Adeniyi Johnson from Toyin Abraham – Actress Seyi Edun

Actor Adeniyi Johnson’s new wife, Seyi Edun has come out to clear the air that she played a part in the divorce of actor, Niyi Johnson and Toyin Abraham.

Niyi who was a guest on TVC’s entertainment show, Wake Up Nigeria, refused to let out details of his new found love and also kept mum about his failed marriage.

He told the hosts, Yomi and Titi that he was lucky to have found another oppourtunity with love and would like to keep the past in the past.

However, his new wife has decided to speak out as there are insinuations that she was the reason Toyin’s marriage to Niyi failed.

Speaking with Stella Dimiko Kokus Blog, the actress made things straight.

She said,

“Apparently, that is untrue. People say different things from afar, but the truth is sacred. I can count how many times I set my eyes on them together with a couple or so. When I met Adeniyi, they were already separated. what is happening between ADENIYI and me is what I call destiny, whatever story that has been sold to me in that aspect I know pretty soon God will vindicate me and expose all truth. As much as I love my man, I won’t like us to discuss further on what transpired between him and his past marriage/relationships.”

She further said that they had no relationship when he was still married and things developed naturally after his divorce.

“We were friends at that particular moment. As events unfolded, our friendship grew to a greater point. But now, I can categorically that we are cool and happy together as a couple,” she said.

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