On the breakfast show today, We had our host Mike Mesikenor with Chef Dee in the kitchen to prepare, the delicious, ‘Chicken stuffed pancakes’. This meal is a perfect blend of protein and carbs to help keep you healthy. It is also a perfect choice for breakfast.

Follow these steps to get how it was done in the kitchen.

• Seasoning             • Flour
• Black pepper         • Salt
• Lemon                  • spring onions
• Onion                   • Eggs
• Oyster sauce         • Sugar
• Cinnamon             • Butter
• Garlic                   • Curry
• Ginger                  • Sugar
• Vegetable oil         • Chicken

For the pancakes:
• Pour flour in a bowl
• Add sugar, salt, egg and milk then start to whisk.
• Whisk your pancake mix to your desired consistency.
• Add water to make it lighter and mix gradually.
• Turn on the heat of the cooker.
• Place your pan on the cooker and add butter to glaze the
• Add a deep spoonful of the mix into the hot pan and allow
for about a minute before you flip.

For the Chicken:
• Pour litte vegetable oil in your pan.
• Put the chopped ginger, garlic and onions into the pan and
• Allow to fry for a few minutes.
• Then add the diced chicken (boneless chicken)
• Add your seasoning and oyster sauce and stir.
• Add other spices to the pan.
• keep stirring for about a minute.
• Once your chicken begins to get golden brown, turn off the

-After the chicken is well fried, wrap it in the pancake.

The chicken stuffed pancake is a perfect meal to serve your family for breakfast.It is a healthy meal with less oil content and
and more veggies.