Love doctor, Joro Olumofin reveals how men manipulate & control women into sex

Relationship expert Joro Olumofin in a recent piece, has revealed tricks men use to manipulate women into sex because of their desperation to get married. He said in his post that men have noticed the way women make marriage more of an accomplishment than the real essence of marriage which includes happiness and now use that to lure them into sex and making downgrading compromises.

His post on Instagram reads:

“Things have changed, the Value of men has gone up. This is only because a lot of ladies have attached marriage to their success and happiness in Life.

Men are now fully aware that most ladies need them to feel accomplished. A lot of ladies have their fixed wedding dates & Aso ebi colors without boyfriends.

Men now use the M $ R words (Marriage & Ring) to manipulate and control women into sex and making downgrading compromises.Ladies, Dictate the terms of your happiness, don’t lose focus when you hear the word Marriage”.

Do you agree?

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