“I don’t owe Tobi an apology”- Cee-C

BBNaija season 3 most controversial housemate, Cee-C has said she does not owe Tobi an
apology outside the house. The housemate revealed this during their interview with Media Room Hub, where they also spoke about their relationship inside the house.

Tobi poses in a sharp blue suit and Cee-C in a champagne gown

According to Tobi, Cee-c needs to accept that she was wrong, apologize and then try to be a better person, adding he doesn’t hate her. He said she had to do those three things for their relationship to continue.

However, Cee-C declined Tobi’s conditions and claimed she doesn’t owe him any apology.

She said “I don’t want to sound defensive in here but the truth is, I don’t owe Tobi any apology. You know why? Because I already apologized for using certain words at him. That is what I know I have done wrong”.

Cee-C during the interview said: “I agree I was wrong by using certain words for Tobi and I apologized to him. Whether he thinks it was a game of whatever, that’s his cup of tea and he can drink it.”


When Tobi was asked what he thinks  on working in the future with Cee-C,

He answered:
We can work together, I am very professional or let me say I have to be professional. When I was head of house, I had issues with a lot of people. People didn’t like me, but regardless, we come together and achieve. Smile when we have to smile, [and] get the job done.

For me, I would like to get the job done regardless of personal issues. So working professionally? Definitely, we can. But to try and be in a relationship? We can’t.

We just have to be friends, I repeat just friends. Looking at the kind of support she is getting, she feels there is nothing wrong with what she did or said in the house. Before leaving the house she felt that way, leaving the house now she even feel more like that.

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