“Most youths have lost their sense of identity”-Majid Michel

Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has stated that the excessive intake and abuse of drugs like Tramadol by youths is as a result of their level of low self-esteem. 

Tramadol is an oral tablet, supposed to be narcotic-like pain reliever used to treat moderate or severe pain.

However, the youths have abused the drug and now take it for energy purposes and often times to satisfy their sexual desires.
It is added to some dirnks or beverages to get a certain level of ‘high sensation’ and pleasure. Often times, an overdose of the drug can cause death.

According to Majid, young people take the drug to boost their confidence and act in a manner that they probably would never if they were in their right senses.

In an interview, he said:
“I think we have to tackle it from the root. I think most of the youth have lost their sense of identity that is who they are. So they believe if they go to take a drug, it gave them the confidence to do certain things they were not able to do when they are normal and it’s an addiction.”

“It is also an appetite so when they become normal {or] sober, they realize the appetite comes back,”

His fellow colleague, Prince Osei added that although the drug is used by the youth to enhance their potential, “they don’t need it”

Watch video below:

Meanwhile, Mental Health Authority and other stakeholders have admonished Parliament to urgently amend the Narcotic Drug Law to make Tramadol an illicit drug.

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