Linda Ikeji is expecting a child

Linda Ikeji got engaged and we didn’t get to see the man that proposed. Now, she is pregnant and reportedly expecting her baby soon. How did Linda pull this off? Keeping all this from the media. It’s possible she might have done a quiet wedding and she plans to keep it all from the media.

Well, the popular blogger is expecting a baby pretty soon and we’re yet to see the father.

Fashion blogger and sister to Linda, Laura Ikeji, shared the good news on IG.

Though Linda is yet to confirm this, but a closer look at the photos, speaks volume that truly Linda is pregnant.

Laura is,known for pulling stunts on social media. Recall that sometime this year after Linda’s engagement, Laura took to her IG to post a picture of a man whom she referred to as her inlaw, which may have turned out to be a stunt.

However online investigators did a little digging into Linda’s engagement and it was reported that the man who proposed to Linda, had been in her life before but left the country and they lost touch. Returning back to Nigeria, he decided to pick it up from where he left it.

In all of this, Linda Ikeji is yet to grant an interview to let the world in with what’s going on in her life.

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