I want to love Daddy Freeze – Apostle Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman who has been one of the many ‘men of God’ targeted and heavily criticized by Leader the of Free The Sheeple movement, OAP Daddy Freeze, has said he wants to love Daddy Freeze.

The Founder of Omega Fire Ministries, revealed that the controversial On-Air media personality, Daddy Freeze is not his enemy.

During his sermon, Apostle Johnson Suleman said that contrary to reports, he had never watched Freeze’s videos because he wants to love him.

The cleric said he would hate Freeze and have his relationship with God thwarted if he watched his videos.

According to him, Freeze is still his brother even though Freeze has attacked him constantly. He said;

“The enemies of the kingdom are those against the church, brothers can disagree on doctrines and still be brothers.”

Apostle Suleman added:

“I have never watched a video against Freeze because I still want to love him, when I meet him and not hate him.

You do not conclude a story after hearing one version, we live in a generation where people take one part of a story and analyse it

I was told freeze took up my video last Sunday and was analysing it. This is the first time I’m calling his name and there is no need to watch his video not because of arrogance but so that I would not have an impression bad about him.

I want to see someone like him on the road and hug him and shake his hands.I would not watch his video because I still want to love him and if I do it would affect me and my relationship with God that’s why I don’t watch such video.

Analysing me or what I said was very wrong because I have not watched him, Freeze has abused me severally but I thank him for calling me names, in the days of persecution they will call you names but when he goes through his own persecution I will stand by him.

The enemies of the kingdom are those against the church,brothers can disagree on doctrines and still be brothers.”

Recall that Daddy Freeze reacted to Apostle Suleman increasing his tithe from 10% to 30%. In a tweet back in December 2017, Suleman stated that he has increased his tithe from 10% to 30%, thus, Satan can “go and die”.

Reacting to Suleman’s tweet, Daddy Freeze wrote on Instagram:

Satan should go and die is now the new biblical defense for tithing?

The association of Nigerian Theologians, according to ‘The Point’ newspaper, published on the 20th of November 2017, declared that Christians should not pay tithe. (Scroll left to see article) are they now the devil you speak of?

I will say that paying 30% tithe has NO basis in Christianity, but you can prove me wrong, by showing me one bible verse where our new High priest under the order of Melchizedek, Jesus, paid tithe, or where the disciples, our first pastors and GOs, paid 30% tithes.

Now, unto other unrelated matters, that’s how one guy said one gov will die in 2 weeks and the gov is still hale and hearty, nearly 2 years later! ~FRZ


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