Linda Ikeji justifies her choice of getting pregnant outside marriage

Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji came under fire by some online users who questioned why she got pregnant out of wedlock – which is against what she preaches, “celibacy”.

An elated Linda confirmed news of her pregnancy after she shared photos of her bump and many fans received the news with mixed reactions. Some fans couldn’t’ help but question why she preached celibacy for so long, yet went ahead to get pregnant

Reacting to the criticisms, Miss Ikeji posted on Twitter on Monday:

“I preached celibacy to young girls because I feel that’s the right way to live until you meet someone very special that you love and who loves you and wants to be in a committed relationship with you. Passing body around and having multiple partners is not the way and I stand by it.

“And I’ve lived by it. But then I turned 36 and I knew there was nothing else I wanted more than to be a mum & wife and celibacy wasn’t going to get me that! I even did a video talking about how much I wanted these two things and God has finally answered my prayers. Beyond blessed.”

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