My greatest dream has been realized – Linda Ikeji confirms she’s having a boy

Nigeria’s formost blogger, Linda Ikeji has finally confirmed she is having a baby, and guess what? it’s a boy. According to Linda, her greatest dream has been realised.

“There’s nothing that has happened in my life that compares to this.” The expectant mother wrote on her Instagram page.

According to her she had missed her period and did a home pregnancy test, she was driven for another lab test by a friend to confirm the pregnancy.

She added that she’s obssessed with babies and can’t wait to have hers (a son).

My greatest dream has been realized. I’m going to be a mum. There’s nothing that has happened in my life that compares to this. I’m beyond happy. I love children so much and literally obsessed with babies and to think in a few months, I’ll look down at a baby and he will be mine. My own son.
No accomplishment, no title, no milestone, no achievement, no money or worldly possession compares to this. This is my greatest blessing. My gift from heaven.
Dear God, thank you so much for this gift! Thank you!
I wrote a piece on my blog about finding out I was pregnant early this year and all the emotions I’ve felt since then. You can go read it if you want.

Thank you so much for all your well wishes. I appreciate your love and kindness.

May God visit everyone for whatever their hearts desires are. May all your prayers be answered. God bless

Yesterday, sister of Linda, Laura shared the good news and we reported on TVCconnect. However, speaking with fans on our social media platforms which was the major highlight of the weekend – Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy, the Royal Wedding or the Chelsea FA win, we had a lot of responses. See below and share your thoughts.


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