Why I stabbed my girlfriend to death – Suspect

A 24-year-old man, Mr Saliu Ladapo, who allegedly killed his 19-year-old girlfriend, Miss Confidence Nwama after she laid a curse on him for having sex with another girl.

Ladapo, who blamed the devil for his action, added that he didn’t know what came over him.

Speaking with detectives of the Ondo State Police Command, Ladipo said:

“After she came back from sitting for her West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE), people told her that I came with another woman. She was very angry. She came to my place Saturday last week and asked me what the meaning of that was.

She started cursing me; she said that I had sex with another girl; I would never make it in life. I asked her why she was cursing me. I cursed her back. She left in annoyance. She came back on May 15, and I asked her to forgive me.

We got talking. I then begged her to retract the curse she placed on me, but she said she couldn’t. I seized her phone and we both started struggling to take possession of the phone.

I was still begging her to retract the curse, when she went out to tell one of our neighbours that I seized her phone. The woman came to ask me. I told the woman what she did. The woman left to call another neighbour. But before the woman returned with the second neighbour, something came over me. I took a knife and stabbed her.”

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