Uche Maduagwu involves the police after Bobrisky’s threat to beat him up with hoodlums

Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has finally responded to Bobrisky’s threat on paying hoodlums to beat him up. 

The self-acclaimed popular actor posted on his Instagram page warning Bobrisky that he has reported the case of the threat on him via social media to the police. Uche mentioned that there will be no hiding place for Bobrisky as the police will hold him responsible should anything happen to him.

This happened shortly after Bobriskty went on social media to threaten the self acclaimed actor, Uche Maduagwu. According to Bobrisky, Uche has been trying to get his attention with all the rubbish he has been posting on social media about him and now, he has finally succeeded as he can no longer stomach the insults from him anymore.

Bobrisky threatened to get the actor beaten up by hoodlums and thereafter, turn himself in to the police. His statement reads;

“Hey idiot, you don’t worth my attention because it’s obvious you are an attention seeker. You look dirty and unkept. You have been trying to get my attention long time ago, congrats! You finally got it. All this rubbish you keep writing about me on your disgusting page I’m not moved a bit so continue. But very soon you will get a heavy beating of your life that you will never forget in your life because it’s a service I paid for. After the beating I will now surrender myself to the police that I’m behind it. Cheers.”

See post below:

Bobrisky threatens to pay thugs to beat up actor Uche Maduagwu

See Uche’s response below:

The actor added that thankfully, the era of impunity and reckless criminal threat to people on social media is over and the LAW must not be disrespected or ridiculed by anyone.

See his post on Instagram:

Uche Further explained that Bobrisky is a menace to the society that if nothing is done to curb him, very soon youths will soon start looking up to the cross dresser as a role model. In his own words:

‘Some people often say “its his/her life”, “let him be”, but before we know it, thousands of innocent youths in Nigeria will start this abnormal behavior, where #Boys would start wearing “bra and pant”👗 and kissing their fellow boys in the open, I’m sure some people would say God forbid, my dear, how can God forbid such when right now, so many people are supporting @bobrisky222 over his nonsense #lifestyle, this is how it all starts, before you know it, our kids would start making @bobrisky222 their ROLE model, and that’s it, we ruin an entire generation. Is the #BIBLE or HOLY Quran in support of this nonsense attitude from @bobrisky222 So why are we supporting him and giving him HOPE?’

Bobrisky as at now is yet to respond to Uche’s post on social media. With all these in view, one can’t help but wonder, how will this story end.

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