Stella Damasus’ husband Daniel Ademinokan links up with ex-wife and son

From the look of things, it seems the husband of Popular Nollywood Star Stella Damasus’ husband Daniel Ademinokan is having fun with his estranged wife and their son David.

From his recent post on Instagram, it is of note that the two have moved on with their lives but have to keep a good relationship because of their son .

Though from his statement on Instagram its possible that people were merely speculating that there was war between them as it was reported that he stopped the wife from seeing their son. His statement:

Spent the entire weekend buried in a studio editing but I had to come up for air for THIS.
Don’t believe everything you read on blogs. They’ve gotta stay sensational to make a dollar. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. It’s all good in the Hood.

Daniel and his ex-wife Doris Simeon an actress, according to report, had a bad split back in 2010 before his marriage with Stella took place. Rumour had it that the major cause of the separation was that Doris refused to pay attention to the intimate part of her marriage leaving it vulnerable.

The report further added that Daniel tried his best to save his marriage but Doris practically did nothing to save it until it hit the rock and every rumour against Stella Damascus being responsible for the death of the marriage is totally false or not true.

It is obvious that they have put their past behind and have decided to be the best of friends for their son.

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