#WakeUpNigeria: What level of privacy is healthy in marriage?

How do you keep up with Privacy in a relationship?

Most relationships in the world today do not realize how important it is to handle privacy in relationships but then, they are set principles to help stabilize their relationships.

According to Life Coach, Stephen Omojuyigbe, there are two fundamentals principles to follow in a relationship especially marriages. These principles are:

  • Law of Unity: Even in the Holy Bible (Mark 10:8-9), two shall become one which signifies unity. Stephen added that any thing brought into marriage is to be shared; good or bad because whatever is not shared in a marriage becomes a possible point of division

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  • Law of Autonomy:  Autonomy is simply having a right to your own personal space.  It is having freedom of your actions and having the ability to balance between their need for connection versus their need for privacy.

“Autonomy is critical to be able to offer intimacy”- Stephen Omojuyigbe

Where do you draw a line between privacy and secrecy in a relationship?

As a partner, you certainly have a right to spending time all by yourself. Take that trip to any desired destination alone, spend time soul searching, spend quality time with God -pray alone sometimes and note that doing these things alone is allowed sometimes.

Personal growth can be denied if there is no privacy in a relationship. Growth requires personal space. Don’t forget also that privacy is a choice and everyone is entitled to the right level of privacy.

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