Helen Paul responds to angry Muslim fans with another Hijab video

Helen Paul, comedienne and actor has done another skit responding to her fans who got angry over the skit she posted on social media wearing hijab praying to Olumide’s song Wo.

We had earlier done a report on how angry some of her Muslim fans were after posting the video onlineΒ Click here to read more…

However, Helen has released another Hija skit and she sarcastically responded to her fans who were not pleased with the previous skit. She posted a fresh skirt where she was acted as a student wearing Hijab and her statement read:

I am an actor that uses costumes to depict a character. Hijab is a head covering. Hijab is not a religion. Islam is a religion of peace not of war #oneGod #peace #love #cantfightforGod #justbehappy #hatenot #byefornow or let’s meet in court. I mean tennis COURT ooooo . I am not feeling fine o..

See skit below:


While some of her Muslim fans like the new skit and think its really funny, some still believes that the hijab is a symbol of their religion hence should be respected as such.

Below are some of their responses:

Fans Response

Others believe that she is just throwing stunts indirectly to support her colleague (Falz) that is why she intentionally use the same costumes to buttress what she is trying to say.


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