#YourViewTVC: ‘Curbing suicide in Nigeria’ with Kunle Pelemo

Let’s Talk: Curbing Suicide in Nigeria
As the saying goes, death is unavoidable but suicide is. According to World Health Organization (WHO), more than 800,000 people die by suicide every year across the world. The founder of Live And Not Die (LAND), Kunle Pelemo joined the ladies to enlighten the people on how to curb suicide especially in Nigeria.

Suicide, the action of taking one’s life has now become a social phenomenon. The rate at which suicide is Nigeria is quite appaling despite that suicide is a crime in Nigeria.

Reasons people conceive suicidal thoughts and most times commit suicide are vast and they vary from emotional, psychological, social and physical to mental circumstances or situations.

When asked why we hear so much about Suicide nowadys, he replied:

“Suicide is a global issue and is as a result of a host of things. But we have gotten to a point called breaking point and that’s why we are seeing it now”.

He added that they are four cardinal points that can be used to help curb suicide:

  • Research
  • Information
  • Technology
  • Support

“Support is deep and when you don’t have people it can be difficult. Most of the suicide killing is now as a result of a gap”.

Note that, suicide is not gender biased, it does not matter about your age or status.

It is important to reach out to people and give them a message to encourage them.

However, technology is different from mindset. Technology is good but what should be beneficial is now drifting us abpart.

Kunle emphasized that parents should play active roles with their kids, to know their schedules and check up on them at all times.

Furthermore, research has shown that people who have suicidal thoughts tend to want to be alone and are easily ready to give up.

But when you have your back against the wall they’re two things you do according to LAND Founder, Kunle Pelemo.

  • First , you can retreat: This is when you retrace your steps. Retreat is no defeat.
  • And then you break a wall and move on. Walls are breakable! Create that spark that you have in you.

BeeCee also said: “The rich also cry. It is not about poverty, it is about you mental state.”

The guest, Kunle Pelemo ended on a more positive note by saying:

Suicide is never an option. Why take your life? Live and not die. Celebrate life!

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