Yinka Ayefele’s Music House Demolition – Government side of the story

The demolition of popular musician, Yinka Ayefele’s N800m Music House has been making headlines for some days.

Yinka Ayefele had in a press conference made shocking revelations how his wife was with the Oyo State Governor till 3:00 am early on Sunday morning before bulldozers were brought few hours after to demolish his Music House building. City People reports.

The Oyo state government has however reacted to claims saying Yinka deliberately ignored the letters written to the Music House until the demolition notices were sent on August 13, 2018.

The Commissioner, for Information, Culture & Tourism, Oyo State, Toye Arulogun joined the ladies of Your View to tell the government side of the story.

“This issue isn’t between Fresh FM and Oyo State Government, it’s between Music House and Oyo State Government. The demolision matter isn’t not a fresh case – since 2017.” Toye said, showing proof of Music House contravention of planning laws.

According to Toye, This isn’t a fresh case and letters were written to the Music house.

“14th of June, 2017 a request for approval was sent to Music House and 22 other radio stations in Oyo state. There are basic things I want us to understand, – It’s not a fresh case, so letters were written, reminder letter were written, finally they came up with their building plan. When government saw the plan – we got to the site with the Music house personnel and we found out;

1. The building size measured 29.7m by 21.6m on ground as against the 11.925m by 10.2m in the survey plan. Music house had extended, had taken more than it was given.

2. The building ENCROACHED on the site distance.

Explaining further, Toye said the building has been approved since 2008, but according to him,

“it doesn’t matter even if they say government approved it. Government has the right to correct its mistake and we got petitions from the residents and we also got petitions because in the last 9 months, 3 fatal accidents have happened there.”

Toye also revealed that there are a lot of things in the building that wasn’t there at the time of the plan. He cited that that

“The approval was for an office complex. Now if you turn it to a studio, you have to erect a mast and a mast is development. That mast has fallen before, we were just lucky.” Mr Toye said.

Watch the full interview below from 26:30 minutes:

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