Timaya replies troll who criticized him for kissing his daughter

Dancehall and self acclaimed king of commercial music, Timaya popular for how he lashes out at fans who come for him on social media, has decided to ignore a fan who criticized him for kissing his daughter.

Timaya who shared a clip of himself having a fabulous weekend with one of his daughters, was seen kissing and cuddling her affectionately.

“I hope u having a great weekend? Mine is fabulous. ❤❤❤” Timaya revealed just how much fun he was having with his kid.

For some of his fans, this unreserved display of affection for his daughter was no doubt a sign and gesture of his love for his kids.

Others were of the opinion that it’s totally unacceptable and inappropriate.

A fan named @mhiz_mornabae on Instagram took her grievance further by commenting on Timaya’s post of himself with his daughter Grace. In her reply to him, she said that the kiss he gave to his daughter was supposed to be for the wife which she reckoned he did not have.

Her exact words were: “The kissing is OK if your brain was actually in the normal factory settings is your wife that supposed to have those kisses.”


Timaya who caught on this comment took the time to respond to this fan of his in a way that showed his extreme displeasure at her uncouthly remark. According to him, he would have said more, but then, he was in a good mood.

“@mhiz_mornabae I’m in a good mood dear. Today is not for idiots.”

See some of the comments of other trolls:

shandy_lyon: “Why you dey kiss her for lips na, which kind nonsense be that, if na you born ham nko, no try that nonsense for overseas in front of white people.” riasmart096: “If you give your baby this kind of kiss how many will you give your wife.”

Many other fans who considered the words of these trolls very inappropriate also took to insulting and correcting her for her misconceived notions.

maco_euro_: “@mhiz_mornabae look at these village girl talking about marriage.”

sandilicious22: “@mhiz_mornabae if your own brain was normal you will see that it’s pure love from a father to daughter!!! Oh I forgot don’t even know your father how will u understand fatherly love. We always love you @timayatimaya.”

love2adejoke: “@mhiz_mornabae my hubby actually kisses my kids like this when they are a little naughty. It’s called finish them kiss.”

st_ekons_official: “@mhiz_mornabae when you were kissing me left, right, + centre, back, front and middle in those days, was I your husband? @timayatimaya please ask her for me.” Meanwhile. this is not the first time that Timaya has been seen to express love for his kid by cuddling and playing with them.

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