How To Make Isi Ewu || Wake Up Nigeria

How To Make Isi Ewu || Wake Up Nigeria

On Monday, Novemeber 19, 2018, Chef Amaka of Amaka’s Kitchen prepared the traditional Igbo meal, Isi Ewu (Goat Head Recipe) on Wake Up Nigeria.

How To Make Isi Ewu || Wake Up Nigeria

Here are some of the health benefits of the Isi Ewu dish:
The meat is a good source of healthy protein, because the meat in the head contains little or no fats.
The red oil serves as a good source of vitamin A and is good for clear eye vision. It also contains fats and oil which is good for the body.


Red oil
Ngor or Nkanwu
Red pepper
Cameroon pepper
Utazi leaves
Goat Head (Isi Ewu)



-Dissolve the Ngor which serves as a thickening agent in a clean pot of water

-Stir in the red oil followed by crayfish, cameroon pepper and ogiri which helps to give it the special aroma

-Proceed to add your already boiled and seasoned goat meat into the broth and keep stirring.

-Next, you heat it up for about a minute or 2 and your dish is ready.

NB: Use the utazi leaf for garnishing because of the bitter taste, it’s more appropriate for Isi Ewu than ugwu, oha or nzuza. The onions and pepper will be used for garnishing as well.

Note that while Nkwobi is cow leg, Isiewu is goat head but they are cooked using the same processes.


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