Daddy Freeze insinuates Bishop Oyedepo is a member of Illuminati (See photos)

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze popularly known for his unending shades at top men of God, is insinuating that the founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop Oyedepo is a member of a dreaded secret cult, Illuminati. 

Going by the sign the man of God does while ministering to his congregation, Daddy Freeze thinks the Man of God belongs to the Illuminati cult.


According to him he received a picture from someone, who asked him if he could see similarities with the signs on the picture.


“I tried very hard but I can’t see anything.

When I turned 40 two years ago, I noticed that my eyesight was not as sharp as it once was. Maybe you can see it because me I can’t see anything o.🙄

By the way, quick question, why is #Shilohand the temple that God himself destroyed resurrected every year, WHY?????” He wrote.


Bishop Oyedepo, Donald Trump, Michelle Obama, Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama, Steve Harvey, were all in the photo collage with the same hand gesture.


However, Daddy Freeze never made direct accusations, but left it open for his followers to decide.

A number of followers interpreted it to mean that he’s accusing them of throwing up the Illuminati sign. But some pointed out to Freeze that the gesture could also be a pose to show confidence.

He went on the share another photo showing the aerial view of Bishop Oyedepo’s school, Covenant University. The spot on which the institution stands was circled with a red marker to show the school designed in the form of the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism.

His caption for the photo was also laden with insinuations.

He then shared a screenshot of a Wikipedia definition of Satanism, which happens to have the Star of David inside a circle as the symbol for Satanism. His caption for the post reads: ” Wordless post.”

In another post, he shared the same star and said the Bible never referred to it as the Star of David, instead it is referred to in the bible as the star belonging to satan.

See his posts below: 








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