How Inspiration FM OAP,Toysn Bucknor Predicted her own death

TVCONTINENTAL: When family members confirmed OAP Tosyn Bucknor’s death on Monday, it came as a rude shock to many players in the entertainment industry. However, it seems the OAP was prepared as she predicted her own death in a poem, which has since gone viral on the internet.

Oluwatosin Bucknor was a native of Lagos Island and 37 years old when she passed. She took after her father, Segun  Bucknor a renowned singer and broadcaster in his life time. She was married to Aurelien Boyer, a citizen of France.

In the poem, told people not to cry for her.

‘’Prize I’ve earned since my birth, my vow to leave a lasting voice after I was  ‘’I look into the future and see me cease, I feel no fear, my face won’t even cease

‘’My steps on this earth, a testament to life leaving this place filled with strife  ‘’Don’t cry for me, shed tears for yourself for each date you acquire gives you a little less.

‘’Now I know why I live the way I do Any why my mistakes, no second look  ‘’If I live my life according to their pace what’s my price in life’s meaningless race?  ‘

’Too much odds stacked against this fierce soul, so each hour, all I do is attain my goals  ‘’Spent a lot of days searching for purpose, Then I put my thoughts into poetry and prose

‘’This is why I was put in this world, be a voice, Put emotions in words  ‘’For every tear I shed and times my eye smiled, someone will have known every option I tried.  ‘

’This cowardly heart felt fear not death Prize I’ve earned since my birth  ‘’My vow to leave a lasting voice after I was Find a loyal number to keep fighting my cause  ‘’Here lies she who lived short but well No regrets for her, but all her story tell”.


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