Blac Chyna says she can’t wait to visit Nigeria again

Though Blac Chyna has had enough of haters for promoting her controversial skin lightening product in Nigeria over the weekend, the reality TV star enjoyed her stay in Nigeria and she says can’t wait to visit Nigeria again.

Chyna faced a lot of backlash over her new product, which was a collaboration with Whitenicious.

The cream which was sold at a whopping price of $250 a bottle, became a trend on social media. A lot of people came for Chyna calling her all sort of names.

However, Chyna said she enjoyed every bit of her stay in Nigeria and can’t wait to be back.

“Visiting BAB-ES-SALAM Orphanage was a fulfilling experience in Lagos, Nigeria. It was amazing to see the apparent open hearts and to hear about the children’s dreams. It left me filled with emotions, their excitement was an amazing feeling and a humbling experience. I Can’t wait to visit again.”


Given the nature of Chyna’s cosmetic product, fans in Nigeria loudly protested Chyna’s coming. There were reports that Chyna trying to fight with a fan in the parking lot.

A video released by The Shade Room shows Chyna exiting her vehicle to confront the fan. The clip shows Chyna trying to get at a disgruntled individual when a member of her security team stops her.

The fight did not come to blows, but Chyna was clearly ready to throw down if it came to that.

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