Lady caught pants Down cheating inside a car with Lover (18+ Photo)

It was a sad day for a young lady who was caught pants down, cheating and having s*x with her alleged lover inside a car in a residential area.

According to reports, residents of the area noticed the unusual movement of the car that was parked in an isolated area along the street and decided to check out what is the cause, if it was a robbery or not, but to their surprise on getting closer, it happened that it was a couple having a fun time inside the car in broad daylight.

The residents bashed the couple for deciding to bring their private affair to their street rather than get a room, whereas reports said the lady is rumored to be engaged and was seen in the act, cheating with her alleged lover.

According to Facebook user John who didn’t give the exact location of the incident, the couple were embarrassed before they were chased away from the area.

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