“She was just angry I left her for another lady”- Man Whose Son Was Killed by Jealous Lady

Woman arrested for killing her Co-tenant’s 2-year-old son just to punish his dad

Mr Promise Samuel, whose 2-year-old son was murdered by his former lover, Chineye Ndubuife, at the Olodi Apapa area of Lagos State, yesterday countered all the allegations leveled against him by the woman.

The accused after murdering two-year-old son identified as Wisdom, said the reason why she carried out such act was that Samuel dated her for several years, made her carry out several abortions, leading to her womb being damaged, but eventually didn’t marry her.

She said when it was time for Samuel to marry, he went to his village to take a wife, after samuel has made her carry out five abortions while they were dating

According to Samuel, he and Ndubuife dated for just a year and during those months, the lady never had an abortion for him.

A grieving Samuel said: “For the period we dated, I took very good care of her. When it was time for me to marry, I went to my town’s lady; someone from Akwa- Ibom State. In fact, I still used to give Chineye money after I got married. I don’t know what else she wanted from me. I was surprised when she claimed that I damaged her womb. She was just angry that I left her for another lady.”

Remembering the event leading to the discovery of the body of Wisdom, Samuel said that immediately he received a phone from his wife that their son was missing, he had quickly jumped into his car and drove recklessly.

When he got home, the search for Wisdom heated up and he was eventually found. Samuel said: “We later found my son inside the toilet. His head was covered with a red cloth. That was how I found the remains of my son. I immediately went to Tolu Police Station to lodge a complaint.

Ndubuife, 30, was alleged to have admitted killing the boy after she was arrested by policemen from the Tolu Police Station.

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