How To Set Family Goals In 2019, Especially In The ‘Other Room’ – Sandra Odufaderin

How To Set Family Goals In 2019, Especially In The 'Other Room' - Sandra Odufaderin

Every new year, everyone tries to start afresh with the hopes of getting better results than they did in the previous year.

Marriage and relationship coach, Sandra Odufaderin was on #WakeUpNigeria this morning, 2nd January 2018, to talk to us concerning how to set and stick to family goals in 2019.

She starts by saying that setting family goals is very important. And it is equally important to carry the children along in setting goals, seeing that they are also humans and their opinions are necessary. She cited the example of her own family where herself and her husband sit with their children at the beginning of every year, to set family goals and as a couple, they sit at the beginning of every month to set the goals, excluding the children monthly.

According to Mrs Sandra Odufaderin, it is very wrong for spouses to not know how much they earn individually, they should know it so that they know what to expect, how to plan and they don’t demand or spend more than the total income of the home. Even if he does not know about the extra incomes from other sources, he should know your basic income and you should know his too. In 2019, be more opened about your finances.

Sandra continued saying that:

‘The man is the head of the home, listen when he’s talking and you can always get his agreement on your desire later on.’

Now, don’t forget that bedroom activities between a man and a woman is part of family goals. Try to spice things up this 2019. Try to take your wife out once every month.

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