Breakfast: Boiled Yam Cubes And Stewed Egg

Breakfast: Boiled Yam Cubes And Stewed Egg

Welcome once again to the year 2019, it’s time to ‘pepper them’ with this peppered stewed eggs and boiled yam cubes for a yum-sum breakfast.

Instead of the regular ‘yam and egg’, Chef Ofe taught us a new recipe. She explained the difference between egg sauce and stewed egg. While egg sauce is used to dress a meal, stewed egg goes through a form of cooking, so in this case, we are actually making stew and putting the eggs in it.

She used these ingredients:

Yam (already cut into cubes)
Pepper Mix (blended tomatoes, pepper and a bit of ‘tatase’)
Seasoning Cubes
Vegetable Oil
Bell Peppers for garnishing
White Pepper
Curry Powder
Parsley, Basil and Madhuram herbs to sprinkle on the yam

Boiled Yam Cubes And Stewed Egg

Cooking Procedure:
Start by boiling the already sliced yam, you can add a little bit of onion to make it soft, if it’s not a fresh tuber.

Heat up the vegetable oil, add sliced onions, followed by the pepper mix and let it simmer. Put in the seasoning cubes, white pepper, curry powder and thyme.

After it has cooked well, turn the broken eggs into the broth and heat up while stirring, then add the chopped bell peppers.

Yam is a good source of vitamin C which is vital in fighting infections such as colds and flu and quick wound healing. It also helps in anti-aging, strong bones, and healthy immune function. Also, it provides good amounts of fibre, potassium, manganese, and metabolic Bvitamins.

The Madhuram spice aids digestion and helps to reduce stress. It also adds an amazing flavor to your meal and helps also to reduce cholesterol in your arteries and improves your heart health. It can be gotten in any store that sells lots of spices.

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