Strategies To Boost Business Sales In 2019 With Alex Iheanacho

Strategies To Boost Business Sales In 2019

Old strategies that did not work last year must be done away with, for new and effective measures to be put in place for bigger sales.

Alex Iheanacho is the founder of Money sense Africa, which is a coaching and education company that helps individuals and organisations, master sales that generate high income. He explained that learning is a skill that can be mastered and infact everyone should read one sales book every month. He further asserts that everybody is a salesman, one way or the other but we don’t realize it and that is why we take it for granted.

Alex then went on to highlight some strategies to help boost sales in 2019:

  • Find ways to sell more
  • Learn how to build relationships with people that know and trust you enough to buy from you or recommend you to others.
  • You also have to be intentional

Now, to help Online sales, apply these tips by Alex:

  • Practice Education based marketing – Many people don’t know what they need, so by educating them, they realize that they actually need it.
  • Have a continuous sales discussion

Understand that marketing is different from sales. Marketing helps to project your skill and what you sell so people know they can trust you while Selling is transaction, good or service in exchange for payment.

He also emphasized the need to Practice Relationship Based Marketing. He said:

“A major problem is that people want to sell without marketing but they ought to market before they sell.
A good salesman has to love people passionately. Don’t just be about selling your goods and getting them off your shelf, you need to be able to maintain a consistent relationship and maintain the interest of your consumer for long.
Get the contacts of your clients/customers and maintain relationship with them such that you get their feedback and they can patronize you again.”

“Know the difference between a trader who just buys and sells, and a business person who is in a relationship-business.
You have to love your commodity and love the people you sell to, as well.
The cheapest way to advertise is through referrals, so try to maintain your relationship with people who have bought from you before.”


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