Mercy Aigbe’s Pant Gets Missing In Movie She Produced

Mercy Aigbe's Pant Gets Missing In Movie She Produced

The new trend of missing pants and underwear theft seems to be getting more common and rampant these days. For months now, it has been all over the media that ‘Yahoo Boys’ and money ritualists use the underwear of ladies for diabolic activities.

Nollywood actress and mother of 2, Mercy Aigbe has now revealed how she also misplaced her own pant after wearing it to meet her boyfriend. According to a new Instagram post published by the actress who recently turned 41, she wrote a movie titled ‘Gucci Girls’ several years ago where she lost her pant and upon inquiry from her boyfriend, he claimed that she probably didn’t come in it.

She insisted on finding it because it’s an expensive ‘designer’ pant and he immediately promised to give her a 100% portion of the money; she jofully agreed with a promise to even come with more pants for him, not caring what happened to the one she had lost or the future ones that he would have access to.

Mercy Aigbe posted a clip from the movie with the caption:

“So I wrote and produced this yoruba movie titled ‘Gucci Girls’ several years ago!!! And I hear this is exactly what is happening now! Pants getting missing everywhere  …….”




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