Seun Kuti Speaks About Politics, Fela’s Legacy And More… (Full video)

Nigerian musician, Seun Kuti, also the son of revered musical icon and activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti touched on a few topics in a recent interview with the ladies of Your View.

Seun Kuti who has been more vocal about the legacy of his father touched on the fact that a lot of those claiming to be ‘The New Fela’ are trying to minimise his father, and as an offspring of the music Icon, he wouldn’t let that happen.

Fela’s Legacy

Seun in recent times have frowned at the new generation artistes and even popular American rapper, Kanye West, who claimed to be possessed with Fela’s spirit. Recall in October, 2018, Seun said ‘everyone wants to be Fela without taking the sacrifice and the call to duty,’ the music icon played.

“People will never understand you without going through the education you have tried to promote. Every Tom Dick And Ashy is the new Fela just because they want to smoke igbo and chase women. How about the sacrifice? How about duty? They want to be Fela and at the same time be the darlings of all the oppressors. All these new Fela’s and those possessed by his spirit hobnobbing with white supremacists.

“They think u are great because rappers mention your name, they don’t know that rappers mention ur name so they can feel greatness. What do they know about sacrifice? What do they know about the trauma that first-hand violence has inflicted on our family? The blind leading the blind listening to the deaf speak! Happy 80th. The struggle intensifies!!!” he said in his post.

While speaking in the interview with the ladies of Your View, Seun explained why he has kept on taking swipe at those trying to claim connection with his dad.

According to him, Fela is everyone’s father, because Fela took responsibility for his people. speaking further, he asked, If those claiming to be the ‘New Fela, are not playing that role of speaking for the masses, why claim to be the ‘new Fela?’

“Fela gave a huge gift to this world – his music is a huge gift. I know my role in this world and part of my duty to my father is that, I’ll not let people bastardise his legacy.

Many of this people, want to use the part of Fela that was eccentric to get away with their own irresponsibility. Everybody wants to smoke Igbo, chase plenty girls so for those reasons, you are Fela. I mean, don’t minimise my father to such a basic level. Fela was far from basic.

If any artiste was carrying out their responsibilities to the people, and says he’s the new Fela, I mean, welcome! We need it.”



Kanye West possessed with the spirit of Fela


Kanye West in a video posted on Twitter in October 2018, claimed he’s possessed with the spirit of Fela. In the video, Kanye bragged that he’s the best rapper, musician in the world.

“The music is the best on the planet. I am the best living recording artiste. We, rather, because the spirits flow through me. The spirit of Fela, the spirit of Marley, the spirit of 2Pac flows through me. We know who the best is”, he said.

Reacting to Kanye’s claim, which he probably innocently made out of the musical influence Felamust have had on him, Seun said. “On behalf of the Kuti family, I want to state that the spirit of Olufela Anikulapo-Kuti isn’t anywhere near Kanye West.”

Seun touched on this issue in his interview with Your View. He said;

“Don’t bring up my father when you are ruling with oppressors, you’re in america wearing MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats with racists, coming to Africa to hold meetings with museveni – one of the oldest despots and human rights abusers in Africa, and you say you’re possessed by Fela’s spirit? What are you saying?” 

Speaking About Politics;

Seun Kuti while speaking about politics, revealed he doesn’t have a PVC and that’s because he doesn’t believe in the candidates or in the political setup of today. He added that if Fela was to be alive, he should have been the president of Nigeria by now.

“I think Fela was also a presidential candidate during his time. Personally I think if my father was alive today, he will be president of Nigeria.

I don’t think anybody in the Nigerian political scene today is a Pan-Africanist socialist, so there’s is no way Fela can support them.”

Speaking further about artiste supporting politicians, Seun said he can support a politician who he believes in his manifesto, platform and the politicians ideology.

“What is really wrong in Nigerian politics is that, nobody takes responsibility for their actions. An artiste can support an oppressive manifesto, or ideology or candidate and still turn around the next day that he’s for the people.” 

Seun added that the artistes of nowadays are more concerned about the money, and that’s why none of them can fit into Fela’s shoe.

Seun Kuti is being nominated for the Grammy, the singer revealed he will be attending and he has done a lot of juju that should make him win.


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