‘Veggies And Pasta Delight’ by Chef Ofe – Delightful Meal for a Delightful Breakfast

Chef Ofe is such a brilliant Chef, not only is she a star in the kitchen, she also has a way of taking simple meals and making them special and still remain simple. This morning on your favorite breakfast show, she delighted us to a super breakfast of pasta and called it ‘Veggies and Pasta Delight‘. You see, she took spaghetti and certain vegetables and made it special, out of the ordinary while still maintaining its simplicity.

She made use of the following Ingredients and went straight into cooking:

Bell Peppers
Spring Onion
Garnish (Cucumber/Carrot)


You know how you cook your fried rice with all those green veggies and extra ingredients? Yes, she made this Pasta Delight the same way.

So the chicken was already boiled and fried, and the vegetables were fried next.
She added sliced onions into little oil in a heating fry pan followed by diced carrots and then the peas. Note that the harder vegetables should be fried before the softer ones, to avoid it getting too mushy, and also to maintain the crunchy feel. You can as well use olive oil or margarine in place of the vegetable oil. And if you are on a diet, you could make use of wheat pasta instead.

After the onions, carrot and peas start frying, add the diced bell peppers (red,green and yellow bell peppers). Boil the pasta in another pot of water with a little bit of salt and oil to prevent it from sticking together.
When it’s done, drain the water, put it back in the pot and add the fried veggies. It is at this point that you season it and add a little bit of chicken stock. Let it simmer for about a minute and finish it up with the spring onions. This recipe can be used for noodles, rice or left over pasta. You can even pack it for your kids to take to school for lunch.

See video below:


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