Here Are Business Ideas That Cost Minimal Capital You Can Start In 2019

Here Are Business Ideas That Cost Minimal Capital You Can Start In 2019

Starting a business does not have to cost you an arm and a leg, there are some businesses that you can pick up and build overtime with minimal capital.

Business man, ‘MoneySense’ coach and Money Marketing Consultant, Alex Iheanacho, joined us this morning to talk to us about businesses you can start in 2019. He said:

“By being a little bit creative, you can start something for yourself. It does not have to be that expensive for you to start a business.”

You could be a business broker for example, where you don’t own what you sell, you sell other people’s products by referring them or being like an agent who gets a commission by promoting the seller’s products. That is, you leverage on your network depending on how many people you know.

He noted also that unemployment rate is on the increase in Nigeria and is currently over 48%. Now, there are lots of people who are looking for jobs but don’t even know how best to look for these jobs. Some don’t even know the difference between a CV and a cover letter. You can make a business out of that and teach them interview tips and also help them to get their CV right if you know how to handle it accurately.

Get into a business that you would be happy to do, one where you would be happy to serve your clients and maintain a good relationship with them.

The third one is becoming a business planning Consultant. A lot of people are going into Entrepreneurship these days and looking for funding opportunities. So you can help them to write it if you have the expertise, it’s a lucrative business.

You can also be a Business or Social Researcher, focus your findings on certain issues and sell to corporations or NGO’s that need such reports but don’t have the manpower to get it for them.

There is also the Food Business, go into the Unconventional foods and get a target market, majorly the busy professionals who don’t have time to cook at home.

As a University Graduate, you have experiences that can help you to start a business, use it. The easiest way to get people to patronize you, is to use your social media platforms. There is Instagram, as well as Whatsapp Status. You can vendor investment for companies without having to be certified. Check video below:


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