Wife sets husband ablaze for refusing to give her his phone’s password

A wife has been arrested after she allegedly burned her husband alive because he refused to give her his phone’s PIN code.

Ilham Cahyani, 25, asked Dedi Purnama, 26, to give her the passcode to his mobile device while he was working on the roof of their home repairing tiles in the village of Pandanwangi, Indonesia, but he refused. An argument ensued and he climbed down from the roof and hit her.

This led to a physical fight and Cahyani allegedly grabbed hold of a can of petrol and poured it over Dedi. She then set him alight with a lighter.

See photos below;

Women are capable of domestic violence as men are, and that’s why we have tips from Mensline Australia

Report it

Let someone else know what is going on. Talk with a person in a position of authority (police, lawyer, doctor) who will know your rights and responsibilities or who can put you in contact with a professional for expert advice. When contacting police, in some circumstances they will be required to take action if your safety is at risk.

Get support

It is important that you find someone you can confide in about your situation. Talking about what is happening is very important and can undo some of the feelings of isolation and helplessness that are common in men who are the victims of violent and abusive relationships. This person can have specialist skills such as counselling, but that is not essential; it needs to be someone who will listen to you carefully and be available as you move through the process of working out how to manage the situation.

Develop a safety plan

Develop a safety plan if you believe your safety, or the safety of others, could be at risk. The safety plan is a predetermined course of action to use when you decide there is an imminent risk of violence or psychological harm (children can be harmed psychologically when witnessing repeated abuse). The safety plan is designed to create distance and remove the likelihood of an incident happening.

Your safety plan may include things such as:

Under what circumstances will you leave the family home? Where will you go that is safe? What is your long term plan?
Will you take the children with you? Do you have the right to take the children with you?
Who needs to know that you have activated your safety plan?
Keep a journal of incidents

This could be useful if you need legal protection or police intervention.

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