Simple Poundo Potato And Vegetable Sauce Recipe, Try Yours

Poundo Potato And Vegetable Sauce Recipe

Chef Wunmi came back to your favorite breakfast show this morning after a while away and she returned with a bang!

Irish Potato flake is the uncommon processed version of Irish potato after it has been blended, with which you can make swallow such as amala or semo.


Shredded Pepper
Blended Pepper
Ugwu vegetables
Fresh titus fish
Smoked fish (panla)
Palm Oil
Cray fish
Irish Potato Flakes

Simple Poundo Potato And Vegetable Sauce Recipe, Try Yours


She started by making the vegetable sauce

  • Heat up your pot and then bleach the palm oil.
  • Turn in the shredded pepper (mixture of rodo and little tomato) then diced ponmo and panla.
    It’s preferable to add the fish last because it’s fragile and could easily scatter or squeeze.
  • After the fish, add all other necessary things like spices to make it tasty. After it has boiled for a while, put the vegetables, the Ugwu leaves. Don’t let it stay too long on heat after the vegetable has gone in so it doesn’t get too soft and so you can enjoy the nutrients there in.

Next, she prepared the fish sauce making use of tomato paste, titus fish and seasoning.

  • Bleach your palm oil in another pot.
  • Add a little bit of onions to add flavor to it
  • Toss in the tomato paste,
  • Add the fish and seasoning and then cook for a while.

Afterwards, she prepared the potato meal by boiling water in a pot but make sure to put down the boiled water before you turn in the potato.

See video below:


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