Woman raped at an Atlanta club while on Facebook live (Watch Full Video)

A Facebook live video has shown the shocking and horrific moment a woman was being raped at an Atlanta club recently. The video has since gone viral on the social media.

The woman, identified as Jasmine Eiland according to her Facebook account, was at the Opera nightclub on Saturday night when she said she was drugged prior to being attacked

Many who have seen the video claim they saw a pill in her drink while she was dancing with an unidentified man prior to the alleged attack. She was also slurring the words ‘help me’ as the rape took place.

Authorities have now gotten involved and are carrying out investigations.

The video shows the woman dancing with a man, in the beginning, she is smiling and sipping her drink. At the time of writing, the Facebook videos of the incident have been viewed more than 500,000 times.

Watch video below: (Rape starts from 4:50 minutes)




The victim has deleted all of her images off her Instagram and shared a message saying: “Please no calls/text I’m still gathering myself please.”


Watch Full video below:


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