Real rape video of Atlanta Opera club, witness says it was planned

Following the alleged Atlanta Opera Night Club Rape Story by Jasmine Eiland where she said she was drugged prior to being attacked,

TVCONTINENTAL.TV gathered that it could have been staged by she and her husband.

A video had earlier surfaced online showing Jasmine under assault and crying for help, while people  around the scene did nothing about it.

Another video has now made its way online showing where she and her husband, the alleged suspect were laughing at themselves and discussing the incident.

See video showing the actual assault:

Video below shows when she was being taken away from the dancefloor:

In view of all these surfaced tapes, it was reported by Tommy TJ Sotomayor that Jasmine,a stripper and her husband, Dominique Williams (the alleged rapist) planned the entire thing.

See Video Below:

Here is when she took part in the dancing competition that night at the club with no panties:

Here is the Video of herself and her husband, discussing and laughing about the fact that she wasn’t raped.

Many who have seen the video claimed they saw a pill in her drink while she was dancing with an unidentified man prior to the alleged attack. She was also slurring the words ‘help me’ as the rape took place.

But a witness who claims to have also been at the club the night Jasmine claimed she was raped, has posted a viral video saying Jasmine Eiland’s drink was not drugged but contains ice cubes

See her video below:

Now the Question is: Who is saying the Truth?

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