Must-Have Breakfast of Fish Side Dish With Boiled Rice

Fish Side Dish With Boiled Rice

You already know how a new chef in the kitchen comes on the show with so much fire and topnotch culinary skills.

Chef Ify who came on #WakeUpNigeria for the first time today, delighted us to a meal of ‘Fish Side Dish With Boiled Rice’. Keep reading for a detailed step by step process of how she arrived at this delicious delicacy.

She used these ingredients:

Titus or Catfish
Irish Potato (Boiled and diced)
Green Bell Pepper
Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Pepper
Vegetable Oil
Soy Sauce
Curry Leaf
Seasoning Cube

Fish Side Dish With Boiled Rice

To cook this food,

  • First you boil the rice
  • Steam your fish
  • Boil and dice your irish potato. You can make use of plantain or sweet potato instead.
  • In your vegetable oil, fry the onions, carrot, tomatoes, blended pepper, irish potatoes, cabbage, green pepper; in that order.
  • The fish goes in last and then, the curry leaf and finally the soy sauce. The soy sauce goes before the salt because it has salt in it already and adding it earlier, helps you to determine the amount of salt to add (or not).
  • The fish can also be replaced with any other kind of protein, such as turkey or chicken, it would only change the name of the dish.

See full video below for an easy grasp….simple and straightforward.


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