See Charly Boy’s birthday message to his wife, Diane as she turns 60

Charly Boy has some sweet words for his wife, Diane as she turns 60.

Charly boy in his birthday message revealed how his wife told him to either marry her or she was going to leave. Obviously getting married to Diana is one perfect decision Charly boy has made.

He wrote:

“When you woke up besides me one morning some 4decades ago and uttered those words, “marry me or I leave” I didn’t marry you due to lack of options. I married you for one pure and selfish reason: I figured that the little girl in you will make the boy in me a peaceful and happy man. Good job I was right! Happy Birthday from your besotted husband.”

My people I take God beg una, biko call my wife 0818 ****** and wish her a happy 60th birthday and terrorize this post with comments. Thank you and God bless you too.



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