Where is Tiwa Savage?

Nigerian female singer, Tiwa Savage has been away from the public eye since the beginning of this year.

One would wonder where or what the singer has been up to. Concerns have been raised by fans because Tiwa does more of social media to keep her fans abreast on what she’s up to. It’s now a concern that the 38-year-old artiste last posted on Instagram and Twitter, late December.


Where is Tiwa Savage?

Tiwa Savage had quite some issues late last year with fellow artistes, Yemi Alade and Danny Young.

With Yemi Alade, it was about throwing shades.

Yemi Alade started the fight when she took to her Twitter handle to throw shots at an unnamed person who according to her has been photo shopping her bum to deceive her fans on social media.

She warned the person to stop deceiving people and accept the fact that she has nothing behind.


She wrote, “Stop increasing your ynash (buttocks) in your pictures. You know you are straight like ‘I’. Embrace your real self! Ahh ahh. Deceiving fans up and dan(down).”

However, Tiwa thought the message was directed at her and wasted no time to react.

The Mavin First Lady first took to her Instagram Stories to write, “Don’t start a war you cannot finish.

“Trust me I’m not the one. I’m quiet but don’t f**k with me.”

You would also recall that Danny Young called out Mavin Record’s Tiwa Savage for infringing on his copyright, alleging that the pop queen used parts of the content off his 2009 record, ‘Oju Tiwon’, to make her newly released single, ‘One.’

In a video posted on his Instagram page, the singer made an effort to show similarities between the two records.

Danny Young however pushed that her song be taken down on YouTube based on plagiarism claims.  Presently, Tiwa Savage’s video has been taken off the video sharing platform.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Danny Young said he had left everything in the hands of his lawyers.

He said, “I wasn’t the one who contacted YouTube. My lawyers handled the process; I didn’t know how they went about it. You know YouTube knows the right thing to do.”

Young insisted that before it got to this stage, his camp reached out to Tiwa Savage but she ignored them.

He said, “She felt we couldn’t do anything. I am sure she and her team know that we have a valid point. We didn’t even ask them for money, but we felt intellectual theft should be taken seriously in this part of the world. This is just the beginning; I plan to see this to the end if she doesn’t reach us for a compromise.”

According to Danny Young, people, who are supporting Tiwa Savage on social media, are ignorant. He added, “When I first raised the issue, I was slammed. They said I was saying rubbish. As a professional, I believe in more action, less talk. For people who understand music, plagiarism and copyright infringement, they will understand my point. I don’t have any business with people on social media as I feel they are ignorant.

“People said she only used the same proverb and that I was not the originator of the proverb. They are not looking at the technicality and professionalism of it all. Is it the same rhythm, coordination and tone? All these are music terms that people don’t understand. If you copy someone’s work, they look at all these.”

It’s insinuated by many that the My Darling singer ran off social media since Danny Young raised the issue of plagiarism. TVCONTINENTAL gathered from a close source that the singer is actually taking out time from the public to rest and spend more time with her son.


Tiwa Savage’s last post on Instagram dated 27th of December, 2018, shows the singer taking pictures with some kids who met her at an event.



Her last post on twitter dated 28th of December, was when the singer informed her followers that she had lost her voice and still had performances.



Instagram and Twitter has been the platform the singer uses to connect to her fans and it has been a matter of concern for some of her fans. We hope Tiwa gets back on social media pretty soon!

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