Daddy Freeze loses Instagram account, says pastors are trying to shut him up

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has his account either deleted or suspended on Instagram. This comes just few hours after he commented on a viral video where a alleged RCCG worker claimed she was ready to do anything, no matter how nasty, to be a BBNaija housemate.

Few hours after his comment on the post, Daddy Freeze account was no longer found on Instagram.

Daddy Freeze known to be a religious pundit in recent times, took to his Instagram page to say;

If the church fails at teaching morality then of what use is it?

She is not a floor member o, she is a WORKER in church willing to do anything for money. It’s not her fault though, most pastors are also willing to do anything for mammon their god of money.

Did you see her excitement when she heard that the prize money this year was 45million Naira?

Well, person who might have reported Daddy Freeze’s page and that’s why he’s no longer found on Instagram. However, Daddy Freeze has a backup account where he revealed that his concern to strip the pastors who use their church as business centers.




We have definitely disturbed their business formula and disrupted their earnings, their god who is in their belly has been disgraced and they are raging.

If not, why are they so desperate to shut me up?

Even if they close all my social media accounts down and close down all the accounts of all #FreeNation members they still cannot mute a conversation that is already gaining momentum. ~FRZ


◄ Philippians 3:19 ►
New International Version
Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things. He captioned the photo

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