Chinese Fried Rice vs. Nigerian Fried Rice – How To Prepare

Chinese Fried Rice

Majority of us love fried rice! And almost everyone is familiar with one or two recipes with which to prepare this very delicious continental dish. Now, the Chinese fried rice is another very fabulous meal that lots of people are not very conversant with.

To take us away from  consuming the norm, Chef Tutu was on TVC’s #WakeUpNigeria this morning, February 26, to teach us the difference between the Nigerian fried rice and the Chinese fried rice. Let’s first take a quick look at the basic ingredients she used:

Green peas
Bell Peppers

Chinese Fried Rice Ingredients

Our chef made use of basmatti rice to prepare this meal but you can make use of your normal white rice.

After turning very little oil into the pot, she added already diced ginger, garlic and onions. She used quite a lot of that because of the aroma she wanted to give to the meal.

Upon building up the aromatics (i.e the ginger, garlic and onions), what went in next was black pepper and salt.

Keep turning for a while and in goes the carrot, the green peas, then the already parboiled rice.

She continuously turned the contents of the pot until she got to the point where she added the sesame oil, oyster and soy sauce which is the major difference between Nigerian and Chinese fried rice. And that’s all. See video below:

Now, for the bell pepper beef sauce, you can start just the way you did with the Chinese Fried Rice.

Heat up your pan very well, turn in little oil, chopped onions, garlic and ginger, then, add the washed beef into the pan as illustrated in the video below.

You need to note that when sauteing meat i.e. frying it in little oil, the longer it stays on fire, the tougher it gets. Now, this is unlike boiling meat where the longer it boils, the softer it gets.

Once the meat turns brown, add the rest of your ingredients, the oyster, soy sauce, black pepper and some salt.

Now what makes this more of a Chinese meal is the soy sauce and the oyster sauce added into it to get the sauce.

Finish the cooking by putting the sliced green and yellow bell peppers and some more oyster sauce/soy sauce for flavor, a little bit of water and voila!!! You are done!


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