Pastor seeks divorce, claims his wife is a devil in human skin

Nigerian Pastor, Samuel Adedeji, Who lives in Ibadan has decided to divorce his wife, Temiloluwa.

According to report gather, the pastor told a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to terminate the year-old union between him and his wife, Temiloluwa, over threat to his life. 

Divorced couple gathered that in his petition to the court, Adedeji accused his wife of frequently beating him and distracting him from his ministry.

His words:

“I think I actually got it wrong by not making proper spiritual consultation before I went to the altar with Temiloluwa as a wife.

“For too long, I have had to cope with all sorts of humiliation, insults, and abuses in addition to emotional and psychological torture which I have often suffered from her.

“When Temiloluwa’s troublemaking reached its peak, she started beating me and tearing off my clothes. Recently, she gave me three dirty slaps in the night and was attempting to stab me to death that same night, when I had to run for my dear life.

“Temiloluwa has no regard for anybody, because by her attitude, she is a devil in human skin. Now, she has left my home and I need to move on too. There is no more love between both of us.”

However, the respondent was absent in the court when she was called to respond to the allegations leveled against her.

The court’s bailiff informed the arbitrators, led by the President, Chief Ademola Odunade, that he had served notices of the court hearing on Temiloluwa and that she deliberately ignored them. After careful consideration, Odunade dissolved the union, citing threat to life as the reason.

He ordered that the copy of the judgment be served on the respondent in order for her to be aware of the latest in the case.

This really Shock Nigerian, because this is the same minister that preaches for better for worst and endurance in marriage – meaning if a church member comes to him for the same issue will he also advise them to go to court for a divorce. Nigerians are asking?

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  • Chinedu onyeausi
    March 4, 2019

    If pastor what are you then teaching others.

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