R. Kelly in more trouble as third sex tape has been discovered

More evidence against indicted singer continues to grow – another “sex tape” involving the singer and under age girls has been discovered.

According to TMZ, the sex tape has been handed over to the New York City authorities.

On Sunday, attorney Gloria Allred (who represents several of Kelly’s victims) held a press conference where her new client Gary Dennis explained to the media how the tape surfaced. According to Dennis, he found the tape while sorting through an old VHS collection.

The man who is said to have no connection to Kelly, claims to be unaware of how the video got into his possession but says that it shows the singer having intercourse with multiple women.

Dennis didn’t go into much detail about what he saw on the tape but did say that the girls on camera were doing and saying things based on R. Kelly’s instructions.

Dennis also says the girls appeared to be underdeveloped and that the only man on tape who he claims looked a lot like R. Kelly seemed to be in charge of the camera.

The guy says the tape appears to have been produced in the 1990s adding there’s no indication of where it was filmed.

Gloria Allred then stated that the tape is now in the hands of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

This tape would be the third one handed to law enforcement in the last month. Attorney Michael Avenatti has already turned over 2 tapes to prosecutors in Chicago one of which prompted the 10 count indictment against R. Kelly for aggravated sexual abuse.

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