“Your days of lying to the world is over” – Iyanya tells Ubi Franklin

"Your days of lying to the world is over" - Iyanya tells Ubi Franklin

Things seem to be going out of hand since Iyanya and Ubi Franklin have come out with different claims on why Iyanya left his former label – Made Men Music Group. 

Following claims by both parties that there are lies coming from each quarter, with Ubi sharing documents to show that he did buy Iyanya’s shares, the singer took to Ubi’s comment section to point out the documents were dated 2016 which he claims is a different date from when the label was co-founded by them.

Iyanya in his comment said, Ubi’s days of lying to the world is over. Reacting to Iyanya’s comment, Ubi replied asking that the singer stays off his comment section.


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